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Applikasi Wifi-Kill FOR Android

Intermedia-Promotion: Android OS is an OS for mobile devices based on the Linux kernel. File system'nya was not much different from Linux's file system. Almost some common applications that we use on a desktop or server Linux version, is also available for the Android OS. One of the most favored by the "ababil": D, is netcut similar applications. Maybe it's a lot to know about usability netcut application, can be used to do stupid for the internet connection is an absolute master when it is in an area that is covered by wi-fi network. For the Android OS, there is a small application that functions much like netcut, namely WifiKill. Also look hard enough, because already removed from the Android Market. After struggling to find on various sites that provide downloadable file upload service, finally met also with small applications' sophisticated this. Well, I'll explain a bit how to use it.

Its function is similar to Netcut in Windows. Wifi Kill is used to block all Internet via Wi-Fi network, which will all Internet traffic data is only supplied to our Android. Its use is pretty easy, turn on Wifi Kill him, then application will run to scan any IP that goes with our wifi. If it's too "scan" then check the option "All".

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